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The characteristics of H-beam production line include its specifications, welding methods and compos

Issuing time:2021-01-28 16:16

Looking at the welding specifications of H-section steel production line, as far as the welding specifications of H-section steel are concerned, they are actually large in China, which is consistent with the specifications of H-section steel production line of foreign advanced H-section steel welding equipment production company. As far as its production mode is concerned, in fact, it is necessary to place H-section steel in accordance with the "I" shape. Two corner seams will be welded on both sides at the same time, which will greatly increase its welding efficiency.

It is precisely because of this, the welding of H-beam production line is symmetrical welding, the web after welding will basically not appear deformation characteristics. For the H-beam flange straightener of the straightening mechanism, in fact, it can directly correct the angular deformation of the hot H-beam flange plate after welding through eccentric roller to a great extent, which reduces the straightening force and greatly improves the straightening accuracy.

In fact, the integration of assembly and welding will be adopted on the cube formation of H-beam production line, which reduces the process and improves the production efficiency. On the web and flange alignment mode, the alignment mode of front and back two groups is adopted to improve its positioning accuracy.

In the current H-beam production line equipment, wire feeder and welding torch are connected, and for the welding angle of welding torch, in fact, adjustment device will be realized to a great extent. For large fillet weld, double power supply (DC + AC) double wire, double arc and double molten pool welding process are adopted.

After that, we should pay attention to the fact that for H-beam production line equipment, it is actually imported PLC control, with reliable, and its relatively easy programming characteristics. When it is in the same position, in fact, it can continuously complete the whole process steps of H-beam erection, welding, orthodontics, lifting and discharging in the production process.

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