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Relationship between configuration of welding roller frame and technical parameters

Issuing time:2021-01-16 14:45

In the understanding, the most collocation of the roller rack is the welding parts, that is, the welding roller rack. Its composition can be changed, but the composition is unchanged on the whole. Generally, it consists of master-slave roller, speed regulating (decelerating) motor, control system, bottom tire, shaft and other parts.

The connection combination of these components is the basis of their technical parameter representation. In the technical parameters, it is usually suggested that the load-bearing weight, working range, diameter and width of the roller, speed of the roller, power of the motor, adjusting mode and so on.

For the load, besides requiring good rigidity of the equipment, the influence aspect also needs enough power. Therefore, the overall requirement of the equipment is higher, such as rubber in the material of the roller, metal in the metal wheel, enough driving force of the rotary deceleration mechanism and so on.

For the working range, it generally refers to the size, except for the weight limitation, the size should be a big limitation factor. In most of the equipment of the roller rack, the workpiece diameter is adjusted by the angle of the swing of the roller rack, and the height of the roller can also be adjusted to meet the needs of different diameter workpieces. Ask. This is also one of the application characteristics of the roller frame. But it is also limited, such as the diameter and width of the roller, the size of the shaft and so on.

Roller speed, motor power, adjusting mode and so on are adaptable capabilities. In many cases, sufficient power is the key to equipment operation. Convenient regulation is the way to improve efficiency in the working process.

In the understanding of the roller rack, the analysis of technical parameters is one aspect, and the analysis of equipment quality is another aspect, but it can not be mixed into one. Therefore, attention should be paid to the distinction.

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